by Emily Eddy White – Director of Development & Marketing, The Food Group & CVC-TC Board Member

This past December, CVC-TC members met at Accenture to discuss and learn about how corporate volunteerism
and philanthropy attracts and retains talent. Panelists discussed how their employee volunteer programs and
human resource teams work together to grow and strengthen company talent. To dig into the topic, a panel
discussion featured Caroline DeVinck from Accenture, Vicky Hidalgo Gonzalez from US Bank, and DeeDee
Gorman from ECMC Group.

Key themes focused on using social responsibility to attract new hires and retention strategies including
leadership development opportunities through volunteerism. Vicky Hidalgo Gonzalez commented on the
importance of building longevity of employees by “creating employee engagement that is deep and rooted in the

Sharing How Your Company Interfaces with the Wider World

Through Human Resources, storytelling, and social media there are opportunities to talk about company
volunteerism, strategic nonprofit partnerships, and also include hiring information. The newer generations
coming into the workforce are excited about getting involved in volunteering and want to be a part of companies
that give back to the community. ECMC Cares Group page on social media connects their values and social
responsibility with opportunities to join their team. US Bank connects their hiring process with the opportunity
to share the ethics they as a company bring into the work they do. Companies are embedding their social
responsibility values throughout their company to attract and retain talent.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Offering skill based development, board service, and pro bono opportunities can help build out the capabilities
of emerging leaders. Accenture shared about their focus on skill development through volunteerism, an online
volunteer training tool they’ve developed and how to plug employees into making a meaningful difference.

Aligning social responsibility with Human Resources is a newer space and companies are finding when their
Employee Volunteer Programs and Human Resources work together they can grow and strengthen their talent

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