CVC Awards




Nominations for the 2021 CVC Awards closed May 31, 2021.

In keeping with our mission, CVC-TC recognizes exceptional innovation and employee engagement with the Game Changer Award. This award honors an employee-driven corporate initiative or program that promotes volunteerism, demonstrates innovation, and impacts company culture and strategy.

The recipient of the Game Changer Award is recognized at the CVC-TC Annual Celebration held each spring.

As the winner of the 2019 Game Changer award, CVC-TC recognizes MEDICA’s Helping those with disabilities live life to the fullest.

With MEDICA’s leadership in volunteer time, digital capabilities and grant support, they were able to:  be there for their neighbors.  In the beginning, the objective was for Medica to learn about Hammer Residences and the individuals they serve so that we could better support their unique needs.  However, it quickly became apparent how valuable this opportunity for socialization was for Hammer individuals, and the focus shifted to bringing joy to others in whatever form that may be.  For six years, a team from Medica has assisted Hammer caregivers to provide enriching outings and experiences for individuals served by Hammer.  Every other month they provide the one on one support needed to do fun activities that would not otherwise be possible.  Activities that fulfill Hammer Residence’s mission to provide individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live life to its fullest.
Hammer Residences’ Day staff feel it is important that individuals in the program interact with people in the community; however, having enough caregivers to assist individuals getting out in the community is difficult.  Medica staff add extra hands and eyes for the Hammer caregivers to enable trips to the park, bowling and the zoo.  
Sometimes they play games, go on a picnic or bake and decorate cookies.  Medica staff look forward to these activities every year.  Both Medica volunteers and individuals served by Hammer talk often about how enjoyable their time is together and look forward to the next opportunity.

Here is a list of award recipients over the past five years:

·         2019: MEDICA (Game Changer Award)

·         2018: Accenture (Game Changer Award)

·         2017: ECMC Group (Game Changer Award)

·         2016: US Bank (Innovation Award), UnitedHealthcare (Employee Engagement Award)

·         2015: Best Buy (Innovation Award), HB Fuller (Employee Engagement Award)

·         2014: Xcel Energy (Innovation Award), Ecolab (Employee Engagement Award)


Nominations are open! Game Changer Award guidelines can be accessed here.