CVC-TC Board Members Teach Critical Skills to Youth

On July 11, nearly 150 high school students from across Minnesota learned how to interview for a job.

As part of BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture summer camp program, students took part in a mock job interview. These students have a desire to learn career skills and about career options including starting their own business.

CVC-TC board members served as volunteers and interacted directly with the students. They asked questions, gave oral and written feedback on students’ answers, demeanor, and how they handled themselves. It is a valuable experience that boosts students’ confidence.

Volunteers received information in advance about the students attending camp. Once on site, volunteers were trained, given interview questions and a rubric to guide their feedback.

Bonnie Vagasky, Vice President at BestPrep and CVC-TC Board Member, said, “It’s important for students to know how to interview. Students may be the best at teamwork, have leadership skills and time management, but if they’re unable to tell their story during an interview, they’ll never land a job. Mock interviews help students learn how to share their strengths and get the job!”

More mock interview opportunities are available during the school year. Many schools request mock interviews, and we are continually recruiting volunteers. Contact Bonnie Vagasky at BestPrep to learn more or sign up.

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