Member Spotlight: Caroline DeVinck

Let’s meet our new CVC President: Caroline DeVinck

Currently: Midwest Corporate Citizenship Lead

Originally from: St. Cloud, MN

Currently resides: Minneapolis (near Lake Harriet)

CVC Member Since: 2019

CVC Committee Member: President


My First Volunteering Experience: I began participating with Meals on Wheels with my mom when I was about 4 years old.

Secret Talent: I know a lot of interesting and unusual animal facts. For instance, did you know that starfish have eyes at the end of their arms?

My favorite thing about Minnesota winter: The Loppet. This year I participated in the 10k, and I plan to ski a longer race next year. I encourage everyone to participate in the Luminary Loppet (not a race) – it is a magical way to experience a Minneapolis winter.

Star Trek or Star Wars: Definitely Star Wars. I became a fan of the movies as a kid - and how can you not love Yoda?

Best Concert: U2 Joshua Tree concert at the old Met Center. This was the first concert I was able to attend without my parents. I loved the sound and the energy of the show.


Get to know the new CVC-TC President, Caroline DeVinck:

Given her family’s extensive history of volunteering, Caroline has always been drawn toward service. Upon graduating from the University of St. Thomas, she held 3 nonprofit internships simultaneously before taking a full-time position with the Grant Hussey Foundation. She felt a strong connection to their mission to end child sexual abuse and abduction. While she loved the organization and, as the only paid employee, the variety of work, she didn’t have medical benefits.

“I never thought I’d ‘go corporate’,” she admitted, but she needed medical benefits as her COBRA ran out. Her sister, who worked at Anderson Consulting (later becoming Accenture) encouraged her to seek an opportunity with the company. She was hired, and quickly realized that Accenture empowered her to stay active in her passion for service, as well as to lead various initiatives she cared about – such as several diversity and inclusion groups and volunteer programming.

After working in South Africa through Accenture Development Partnerships she was staffed on a relief project to help employees affected by a typhoon that hit the Philippines. “Before this project I didn’t know corporate citizenship even existed. It is the perfect space for me to put my for-profit and not-for-profit experience into practice.”

As the Midwest Corporate Citizenship Lead, she works with employees across 9 states (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI) and helps them set corporate citizenship strategies for their locations, and helps bring them to life through employee volunteering, giving, granting and pro bono work. She also manages national initiatives and relationships. “I feel so privileged to be in this role and I feel fortunate that I work for a company in which corporate citizenship is woven into the fabric of everything we do. I am humbled on a daily basis by our people and our partners, and the amazing things they are doing in our communities.”

She is excited to be part of the CVC. “I’m honored to be part of this organization and serve on a board with so many wonderful, talented and committed people”, she said. “I am inspired by what all of us as CVC members can accomplish by connecting with and learning from each other and working together.”

Look to hear more from Caroline in the coming months as she’s the new President of CVC-TC. Hopefully, soon we’ll all get to meet up and hear from her in person, but for now we’re lucky to get to know her a little better virtually.

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